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9:00 hrs Depart from Bangkok to Sena.
An air-conditioned minibus can be provided on request with extra charge

10:30 hrs

Board The Golden Naga Barge. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as we cruise
along Klong Pak Hai canal heading towards the Chao Phraya River
and then onwards to Pa Mok

13:00 hrs

Lunch at a family owned riverside restaurant.
Enjoy the cook's specialties - a delicious freshwater fish called "Pla Thub Thim" and "Tom Kha", a flavorful soup prepared with coconut milk and galangal.

14:30 hrs

Cruise along the Chao Phraya River to Ayutthaya

17:30 hrs Arrive in Ayutthaya, visit a romantic temple Wat Phutthai Sawan Temple
built in 1353 and the famous Wat Phananchoeng Temple built in 1325,
before Ayutthaya was founded as the capital.
18:30 hrs The barge proceeds to Ayutthaya Thai House where you sip a long, cool
drink as you watch the sun set on Ayutthaya
20:00 hrs Cruise around Ayutthaya Island by night and savor a Thai cuisine dinner
at the most famous riverside restaurant in Ayutthaya - serving delicious
aromatic king-sized grilled prawns.
22:00 hrs Overnight on board The Golden Naga

8:30 hrs

Breakfast is served on board.
Travel up the Mae Nam Pasak River to Nakhon Luang. On the east bank of
Pasak River, visit the ancient landmark of Nakhon Luang constructed during the reign of King Songtham as the royal accommodation during trips to the Buddha's Footprint Shrine and Lopburi.

12:00 hrs

Lunch on board The Golden Naga

13:00 hrs

Meander up the Mae Nam Pasak River to Arunyik where we visit a village
known for its hand-made knives

15:00 hrs

Travel downstream to return to Ayutthaya

17:00 hrs

A stop at Wat Phananchoeng for a tour of the temple

19:00 hrs

Dinner at a riverside restaurant

22:00 hrs

Overnight on board The Golden Naga


8:30 hrs

Breakfast is served on board

10:30 hrs

Enjoy an excursion around Ayutthaya Island on board our short-tail boat. Visit Wat Sala Pun Temple and Wat Choeng Tha Temple

11:30 hrs

Visit the Chan Kasem National Museum which houses some of
the most spectacular masterpieces from the original Ayutthaya era

12:30 hrs

Enjoy the local boat noodle soup, Kuiw Teow Ruea

13:30 hrs

Return to The Golden Naga to continue our journey down the
Chao Phraya River

14:30 hrs

Visit the magnificent Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

15:30 hrs

Continue up the Mae Nam Noi River to Sena

18:00 hrs Arrive at Sena and transfer to Bangkok
19:30 hrs Arrive at Bangkok

*The itinerary can be customized upon request and may be altered due to seasonal tide level.

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