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Nature is at its most spectacular as it awakens to a new day stirred from its slumber by the golden beams of the rising sun … Or at
dusk … when the setting sun casts its mellow hues over the land.

Age-old monuments seen in the distance take on an awe-inspiring magnificence when seen in the retreating light. An eerie yet enchanting silhouette of incredibly ornate forms break the horizon.
A cool breeze sweeps over the land signaling it's time to call it a day.

In the olden days, with the river being the principle means of travel, ancient landmarks and historical monuments were often built facing the river with the most impressive architectural aspects best seen or approached from the river. The Naga Barge Cruises thus provides the ideal vehicle for a discovery of the cultural and historical treasures of the Kingdom, as well as its many natural wonders.

The Naga Barge Cruise is an exclusive river cruise for a party of six, or three couples, for an overnight trip and a maximum of ten persons for a day trip. The cruises are operated by
Piphitmaya Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Jean-Michel Beurdeley.

The Golden Naga Private Rental
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