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  Jean-Michel Beurdeley, a former Asian art dealer, follows a long line of accomplished mariners, recognized for their maritime skills as well as their expertise in running one of the most established shipping enterprises in Marseilles, France.

Having been exposed to the finesse of crafting exquisite sea-faring vessels, the opportunity to restore a rice barge was one of his life's dreams.

This dream was soon realized when a friend of his wife, Mrs. Supapan Pichaironarongsongkram, founder of Thailand's first river ferry company with a fleet of over 100 passenger boats carrying an average of 10,000 passengers a day along the Chao Phraya river offered to facilitate this.

Following a year of work, two of the restored barges
-- The Golden Naga and The Silver Naga -- are now in
in top form. Jean-Michel has since been scouting the rivers and waterways in and around Bangkok on the barges.

As a result of his journeys upstream and downstream, he has made many interesting discoveries and is delighted to share with you some of his most enthralling finds. Fascinating river communities present rarely seen 'vignettes' of every day life and offer insight into the traditional Thai lifestyle.

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