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  The Golden Naga rice-barge comfortably accommodates a maximum of 3 couples or a party of up to 6 persons on an overnight cruise, and 15-20 persons for a day-trip cruise.

For overnight travel, the barge is fitted with all the standard amenities. There are a total of 3 air-conditioned and fully-furnished cabins complete with a king-sized bed and bedding, shower, wash-basin and standard bathroom facilities. Water for the shower is specially-treated while flushing water is drawn from the river and treated before disposal. The living quarters are cleaned daily.


    Our cruise package also includes:
Breakfast with toast, butter, and jam
Soft drinks and drinking water
We highly recommend that only bottled drinking water is consumed.
A Thai dictionary phrasebook and a map are placed in the front cabin for your use while on the cruise
A First Aid Kit and some general medicines are also provided.
Please notify the captain if the need arises.


Savoring the local cuisine is the most enjoyable way to experience one of the finest aspects of Thai culture, first-hand, … and there is plenty on offer.

There are several river-side restaurants en route where you will be able to enjoy a feast of delicious traditional Thai cuisine, particularly the fresh seafood prepared in a number of ways - fried, grilled, baked with fresh herbs, broiled, steamed or cooked in the world-famous "Tom Yam" soup style, in a delicate coconut-milk base as in the "Tom Kha" soup, or a flavorful "Gaeng Som".
We highly recommend choices of the freshwater fish, king-sized prawns and squid. Shellfish such as mussels are also on the menu and are only recommended, if served piping hot in a soup-base such as the "Tom Yam" or "Gaeng Som".

Naturally-grown vegetables from the kitchen garden lightly-tossed in hot oil make a refreshing side-dish. The options are extensive and the prices on the menu are an exceptional bargain. Bon appetit!

  You also have the option of purchasing food as you wish from river-side restaurants and vendor boats plying the waterways of the Chao Phraya selling various merchandise ranging from Thai savories and desserts, as well as traditional fast food such as noodles, and vegetables, fruits and other supplies.

For those of you who are more adventurous, for hygienic reasons, we recommend trying freshly-cooked hot food or desserts only.


Alternatively as part of the service offered, there is a cook at your disposal on board The Golden Naga so you and your party will be able to have simple quick meals prepared for you, if you prefer.

Please do let us know at the time bookings are made if you wish to have meals prepared for you so special arrangements can be made to purchase the needed ingredients on your behalf.

The Golden Naga is staffed by a crew of three -- 1 Captain, 1 Cook and 1 Boatman.

If the service rendered is to your satisfaction or exceeds your expectations, a gratuity of
200 Baht per crew member is recommended.

Numbers of crew : 3
Numbers of passengers : 6 - 10
Or 15-20 for a day-trip cruise

Length : 18-meters
Width : 5-meters
Cabin Type : 3 double cabins with lavish ensuits
Seating Type : Sofa / Bench
Air Conditioning : Cabin only
Generator : Komatsu - 30 Kilowatt
Main Engine : Gardner - 200 HP
Cruising Speed : ~6 Knots
Gasoline Tank : 700 Liters
Treated Water Tank : 700 Liters



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